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The OmniVeyor TM-100 provides scalable, flexible automation for eCommerce distribution and fulfillment

TM-100 can improve each-picking efficiency by 3x over pick-to-cart. It allows for low upfront costs while integrating seamlessly with your current operation and your existing workforce. Providing scalable and flexible warehouse automation, the OmniVeyor TM-100 will work safely alongside people and easily grow as your business grows.

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26 October 2015

The Robots Chasing Amazon

Bloomberg article featuring Harvest Automation efforts developing technology for e-commerce fulfillment. Read more

11 June 2015

Replenishment: The next big target

As the pull of consumer demand replaces the push of the traditional supply chain, the replenishment function is being pulled in more than one direction. Following successes in pick optimization, the industry is turning its attention to reaping the benefits of refined replenishment. Read more


MODEX 2016

April 4-7, 2016
Atlanta, GA